Nearby NI have been on the lookout over the past few months for their Local Legend or Legends in the local community. Customers of Nearby have been flocking to stores around the country to ensure their local community group or person gets nominated for all the great work they do. From community groups who make […]

The Nearby Marketing & Sales teams in NI marks 2nd Birthday with customer-focused day of celebrations with U105 and their very own broadcaster Denise Watson. Since the launch in April 2021, Nearby now proudly boasts over 130 stores across the island of Ireland, actively serving and supporting local communities. The brand continues to grow from strength

Another success story for Nearby as the first community store launch took place on Friday 27th January with a great turn out for the stores customers. Nearby Kearney’s Randalstown have been operating for over 25 years and since opening under the Nearby brand, it has already created a positive impact on the local community. We

In April of this year, Nearby celebrated their 1st Birthday and what a year it has been to reflect on. From launching in April 2021 across six stores in Northern Ireland, our 50th store opening in Keady, Armagh with one of our long-standing retailers, to the 75th in Sligo and then onto the 100th in

14.11.22 Nearby for Creeslough Friday the 7th of October 2022 will be a day that will stay with many after the tragic events that occurred in the village of Creeslough, Co Donegal. The desire however, from people near and far to want to do something to help has been very heartwarming and we as the retail

In April 2022, Nearby celebrated their 1st Birthday and what a year it has been! Since day one, their offering has gone from strength to strength, with stores now across the entire island of Ireland. Today, the team enjoy the success of the last year and celebrate the opening of their 100th store. With an

Back in April 2021, after more than a century in the wholesale business, S&W rebranded their offering and promised ‘A Whole Lot More’ for their symbol customers. One year on and Nearby can now boast over 75 stores serving and supporting local communities across the island of Ireland. Completely exclusive to S&W Wholesale, Nearby continues

DINNY’S store has been part of the fabric of Castlederg for over four decades, with the local convenience store renowned for its impeccable personal service and wide array of offerings. Established back in the late 70’s by Dinny McCrory himself with help from wife, Mary, the Ferguson Crescent shop has seen a number of renovations

In April 2021, after more than a century in the wholesale business, we at S&W rebranded our offering and promised ‘A Whole Lot More’ for our customers. Now, we have made good on our promise as we launched our 50th symbol store – McGrane’s Nearby in Keady. Completely exclusive to us at S&W Wholesale, Nearby

Over the past few weeks we have been working with our independent retailers and wider teams to safely welcome customers into our set of branded stores dotted around NI… Nearby officially launched in the early part of this year. Completely exclusive to S&W Wholesale, Nearby will play a vital part in a wider modernization strategy

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