Nearby Safely Welcomes Customers

Over the past few weeks we have been working with our independent retailers and wider teams to safely welcome customers into our set of branded stores dotted around NI…

Nearby officially launched in the early part of this year. Completely exclusive to S&W Wholesale, Nearby will play a vital part in a wider modernization strategy to help independent retailers forge deeper connections in the local community. Despite the challenges faced with the current pandemic the Nearby strategy will continue with the highest standard of safety precautions in place with the opening of new stores already planned throughout the island of Ireland.

Over the past few weeks we have been working with our independent retailers and wider teams to safely welcome customers into our first set of branded stores dotted around NI, “It was great to safely welcome customers to our new Nearby stores and showcase what Nearby means to them and the local community,” Daniel Comiskey, Brand Marketing Lead. “We have great ambitions to continue to open more stores throughout 2021 and beyond; all with the local consumer in mind.”

New stores were opened in: Derry/L’Derry, Claudy, Larne, Ballyclare, Coleraine and Balnamore. To celebrate the opening of the stores the Nearby team held a colouring competition with the local schools, had pre made newly branded hessian bags packed full of supplier goodies which customers could lift when in store, our latest consumer leaflet and a competition to win Nearby vouchers and an iPad courtesy of our friends at Boost Drinks. Local pupils were invited to take part in the opening and we even had a visit by the local major to our new Ballyclare store.

“It was important that we created a buzz in the local community about our new and fresh symbol brand. However, what was also important was people’s safety on each day.” said Daniel Comiskey. The Nearby team had every measure in place to ensure this happened and the support of the retailer and local community were more than supportive.

“We were very excited to launch Nearby back when we laid out the roadmap but we fully understood the current situation and the team adapted and reacted brilliantly to make everyone feel safe and welcome in our new stores”. “We wanted our retailers and customers to feel as excited as we are for the Nearby brand and their local store offering; and I feel we achieved that.” Said Daniel Comiskey.

“The Development of new retail stores alongside the refurbishment of our existing estate will continue throughout NI with the focus of positioning our Nearby stores in the heart of each community, proud to serve their customers and offering the products and services that are never too far from home” said Maurice Little, Nearby NI Sales Manager. ” We look forward to continuing our plans alongside our Marketing and Sales teams to develop the Nearby brand by creating days like these with our retailers” finished Maurice.

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Nearby – Never too far from home