10 Big Night In Ideas

Don’t fancy a big night out? How about a big night in? Check out the blog below to get the best ideas on what to do, eat and drink to make your Big Night In one to repeat. You might think that the idea of a Big Night In has died down with pubs and restaurants opening back up and normality slowly returning, however this has proven not to be the case. So, we have asked our nearby team to suggest their favourite ideas to share with you.

Activities to Do for your night in

  • Quiz Night
    • Top of the list is quiz night; I know we have all had our fair share of quizzes over zoom during lockdown, but it is still a firm favourite. Lockdown has lifted and therefore the zoom quiz nights can become a face-to-face reality. The winning team can boast to everyone for the rest of the evening and claim their prize! Check out the link below for some question inspiration. https://www.quizbreaker.com/trivia-questions

  • Film Theme Dinner Party
    • Grab your friends and family round for a movie themed dinner party. Pick your favourite movie or movie genre and encourage everyone one who is attending to dress up. Make your favourite appetizers and grab your munchies for everyone to eat while you stick on the movie of choice for the night. Check out the top Netflix movies atm on the link. https://www.radiotimes.com/movies/what-to-watch/netflix-best-movies/
  • Make Dinner together
    • If you are not in the mood for entertaining, spend the time making dinner together. Pick up your favourite dinner and make sure to grab your ingredients from your closest nearby store.
  • Games Night – Roulette
    • Game Night is perfect . Get everyone to choose their favourite game. To avoid any arguments about what to play, stick the titles onto a roulette wheel and spin to see what game is the first to be played. Check out some ideas below of games that you could play.
      • Monopoly
      • Headz Up
      • Poker
      • Charades
  • Cocktail Night
    • Whether it is going to be just the two of you or you want to invite a few friends over, a cocktail night is the best way to enjoy a ‘Night Out’ without the need to go anywhere. Get dressed up or stay in your PJ’s, you will not have to worry about finding lifts to go out or worry about how you will get home. Grab the mixers you need at your local nearby store.

night in treats & drinks

Now that the activities are sorted for the night, its time to sort out the food and treats to serve up. Check out the ideas below.

Nearby Quick Nanchos

Quick Nanchos

This easy to make snack is the perfect accompaniment for any activity you decide to do. Always a crowd pleaser, you will have the nachos made in no time for everyone coming round!

Nearby Chicken Kebab Recipe

Chicken Kebabs

Easy to make Chicken Kebabs perfect for your guests to nibble on.


An instant party drink favourite, the fishbowl will have your guests thirst quenched and looking to return for more. Check out a few examples of alcoholic and non-alcoholic fishbowl drinks.

  • Munchies
    • For any Night In, munchies are the most essential foods that need to be purchased. Whether you are having a movie or games night, munchies keep you and your guests topped up on their favourite nibbles. Don’t go short on your munchies and pick up the essentials now!
  • Fake away
    • Fancy a take-away but don’t want to spend the money? The Fake away is the perfect alternative. Pick up an easy fake away that will kick off your evening. Check out some offers below to inspire you for your fake away that you can pick up at your nearby store.

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